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Monoid is built around connectors to data silos that contain user data, including both internal (DB's, warehouses, etc.) external (e.g. SaaS apps) data stores. A full Monoid connector is able to automatically scan, query, and delete from a connected silo to fulfill data deletion/export requests and generate compliance reports.

The maintainers and the community are regularly adding new prebuilt connectors to the Open-Source repo. If Monoid is missing a connector you'd like, you can build your own easily using our guide. Alternatively, you can submit an issue on GitHub and we'll get to it as soon as possible, or sign up for a paid plan to get custom connectors on-demand.

The following page contains guides for setting up each pre-built connector currently in the repo. While we try our best to keep it up-to-date, it is always a work-in-progress and may be missing guides for connectors contributed by the community -- if you can't find a guide, please submit an issue on GitHub and we'll add it ASAP (or feel free to create a PR to add the guide yourself!).