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Welcome to Monoid Docs

For Monoid cloud users

Monoid Cloud is now available - you can get started here.

For Monoid Open Source users

Check out the Monoid Open Source QuickStart to get up-and-running. Then learn how to deploy Monoid Open Source in your cloud infrastructure (deployment guides and one-click deploy for major providers are currently in development).

Browse the connector catalog to find the connector you want. If the connector is not yet supported on Monoid Open Source, build your own connector, submit an issue, or sign up for a Monoid Cloud to get custom connectors from the Monoid Team.

To get help with Monoid deployments, email us or join our Slack.

For Monoid contributors

To contribute to Monoid code, connectors, and documentation, refer to our contribution guide.

Here to Learn?

If you'd like to learn more about how Monoid works, check out Understand Monoid. If you're a non-technical professional (e.g. legal/compliance) looking to learn more about whether Monoid could work for your initiatives, please see our Non-technical Overview.